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Paramedics (members of the National Ambulance Service Representative Association -NASRA) today, (Thursday 8 th February), mounted a protest at the National Ambulance Services Central Payroll H.Q. in Tullamore, Co Offaly at the continued refusal of the HSE to facilitate payroll deductions of union subscriptions for NASRA members.

Tony Gregg, National Secretary of NASRA, said today's protest was an expression of the deep frustration and anger among the growing numbers of NASRA members nationally that their fundamental rights to organise and join the union of their choice were being obstructed by the HSE.

Mr Gregg said NASRA is now seven years in existence, and in that time it has represented scores of members in industrial relations and grievance cases with the HSE, and the Workplace Relations Commission.

‘The work of NASRA is being recognised by ICO paramedic and advanced paramedic grades throughout the country who are exercising their basic rights to organise and associate by joining the union in growing numbers.  By denying the simple facility of automatic payroll deductions of union subscriptions the HSE is denying these fundament rights to paramedics. This is a blatant attempt to frustrate the wish of paramedics to join NASRA and with today's protest we are saying that we will not tolerate this action by the HSE.'

Michael Dixon, NASRA Chairman discussed the stress on the ambulance service during the hospital over- crowding crisis on RTEs Morning Ireland.

You can listen to the interview here!rii=b9_21298310_48_11-01-2018_

You can read the latest Winter 2017 edition of the NASRA FRONTLINE Newsletter HERE.

It has been a busy year for the union,and there are plenty of issues to be addressed in the New Year.

Meanwhile, we wish all our members a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year.

To all NAS Staff, Please find attached information related to the Transfer Policy for staff 2018. It is very important that you read this document carefully and fill it out appropriately.

NASRA would again like to thank all the NAS staff who attended our recent meetings in Ballinasloe and Cork.

We had a great turnout which is very encouraging as we move forward. Please keep an eye on our information outlets (Twitter, Facebook) for further information and updates.

Meanwhile, if there is any area that would like to convene a meeting then please follow the link and we will set that up.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW HSE Staff Transfers (Policy NASWS 015) Notice NAS Staff

The National Ambulance Service Representative Association (NASRA) has today (Weds. November 8 th ) strongly criticised proposed new proposals for on duty meal breaks for paramedics as unacceptable and insulting to the work of staff in demanding and stressful roles.

NASRA National Chairman, Michael Dixon said the new proposals take no account of the realities facing paramedics undertaking 12 hour shifts at the frontline of the emergency services.

‘NASRA has been made aware of proposals brought forward by management for the introduction of meal breaks for the staff of the National Ambulance Service (NAS).

These include :

• If a crew is tasked to a call in the second 15 minutes of their structured 30 minute break they are deemed to have received their break.

• When the crews break is due the dispatcher will make them aware that they are on break which will be adjacent to their current location at that time. This in the first instance may be a hospital, ambulance base or other location where the crew have access to toilets and rest facilities that facilitate them to rest i.e. McDonalds, Apple Green filling station etc.

• For those crews who bring their lunch to work with them they will have to have their lunch in their ambulance if they wish to avail of the structured break to eat.

The National Ambulance Service Representative Association (NASRA) said today (Friday, 15 th Sept.) that the latest statistics from the National Ambulance Service on the incidents of breakdown of ambulances in 2016 shows a continuing dangerous level of ambulance breakdown and highlights the need for more urgent investment in replacing aging and high mileage vehicles.

NASRA National Secretary, Tony Gregg said the latest figures released under Freedom of Information (FOI) that more than 200 ambulances required breakdown assistance last year, and that one in 20 of the NAS fleet has more than 300,000 klms. on the clock points to a potentially dangerous situation for both patients and ambulance crews.

‘Unfortunately, we have seen a number of near tragic incidents around the country resulting from mechanical faults in the ambulance fleet in recent years. These were in part responsible for the programme of replacement that began in 2015, but it is now time for the complete decommissioning of aging and ‘clapped' out ambulances which should have no place in a modern National Ambulance Service that has a greater and more importance role in the delivery of health services than ever before.'

The National Ambulance Service Representative Association (NASRA) today (Weds.  26 th April) expressed support for calls from Gardai and Prison Officers for the introduction of mandatory sentences for those convicted of assault on their members and  other frontline emergency workers.

NASRA National Chairman, Michael Dixon said NASRA was joining in the call on the Government to introduce legislation that would finally send a clear and unambiguous message that it is unacceptable that paramedics and ambulance staff, firefighters , Gardai and prison officers can be assaulted in the course of carrying out their vital emergency and public safety roles.

‘All of the indications and experience of emergency staff on the ground is that the current deterrents against assault on front line workers are no longer working.  It is no longer sufficient for ambulances to simple carry signs warning of the consequences of assault on ambulance crews. We need far more support from the Government and mandatory sentencing that says that any assault on frontline staff in the course of their duty is unacceptable and will not be tolerated .'

Restoration of pay and conditions demanded at annual delegate meeting

The National Ambulance Service Representative Association (NASRA) said today (Friday 21 st April) that a reduction in the retirement age from the current 67/68 years of age (for post 2010 recruits) to 62 and the restoration of all salary cuts and deductions for current staff and new entrants are among the key demands for paramedics to the Public Sector Pay Commission.

Speaking at NASRA‘s annual delegate meeting in Carlow, NASRA National Chairman, Michael Dixon described the current retirement age for paramedics as ‘punishing'.