NASRA Information
Useful information for current and potential members...

N.A.S.R.A. - “FOR PEOPLE AND SERVICES” - The National Ambulance Service Representative Association is an organisation representing Statutory Ambulance personnel employed by the National Ambulance Service of Ireland.

Established in November 2010, NASRA fosters excellence in diverse areas of industrial relations, health legislation, pay and conditions, the domains of education, policy, practice, organisational development and research. NASRA will influence these domains through the core values of leadership, open communication, development, alliance, advocacy, diversity, stewardship and professional ethics. Being member driven and member led, NASRA is committed to facilitating and supporting opportunities for dynamic interaction and participation amongst the membership. We will provide forums within our association for collaborative relationships, partnerships and networks through committee membership right up to our Association Executive.

Our vision is to provide: Dynamic, value driven leadership, developing and maintaining diversity within our Association whilst maintaining the integrity and ethical practice of pre-hospital care practitioners. Our Association provides leadership to promote pre-hospital care, to improve health care for individual's families, groups and communities and shape pre-hospital care policy for the delivery of health services. NASRA will provide a variety of communication vehicles, to assist members in their growth and development as leaders and facilitate internal and external liaisons for the Association. NASRA will provide learning and growth inherent in relationships, partnerships, and networks with advocacy, consumer and other professional groups, whilst maintaining careful allocation and prudent stewardship of the Association's resources.

  • NASRA will retain its independent status and will be recognised and consulted as an authoritative body on all matters germane to statutory pre-hospital care providers and other relevant Ambulance issues.

  • NASRA will negotiate on your behalf with the Dept. of Health and Children, Health Service Employers Agency, Ambulance Service Management, HSE and the Health and Safety Authority etc.

  • NASRA will endeavour to secure places on the Pre-hospital emergency care council into the future.

  • NASRA are a specialist Union for Statutory Ambulance personnel.

  • NASRA leadership including fulltime official(s) are and will continue to be PHECC registered practitioners.

  • NASRA is a member led and driven Association qualified to offer advice and guide on professional practice and developmental issues.

  • Legal advice and Legal services are available to members.

  • NASRA will campaign tireless on your behalf.

Historically Irish society has outcast those who attempt to change the old order. It has condemned those who stand with conviction against what they perceive to be unjust, and punishes those who have the courage to do so. We will be subjected to all of this, but our values and our attempt to facilitate a new order which is inclusive for all, is one of honour and as such a worthy cause. We have been delighted with the response from our National Ambulance service colleagues to this initiative and with the vision for a better future we look forward to working together to making that vision a reality.