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Note: all staff assigned to HSE National Ambulance Service who are party to the provisions under the terms of the Public Service agreement are entitled to compensation for actual losses. This is to include non-rostered staff, ICO’s, clerical admin, any trades people assigned to service and managers.

Dear Member

I refer to recent correspondence to you regarding your entitlement to compensation under the terms of the Public Service agreement 2010 - 2014. In this regard the calculation should reflect the terms of the PSA agreement in that all losses are to be compensated for at 1.5 times the actual loss.

It is our view that following the terms of the PSA agreement and the subsequent Labour Court Recommendations regarding the agreement and the precedent of the settlement of the compensation payment agreed between the HSE and our members in Dundrum Central Mental Hospital that the following agreed principles should apply in your case.

The reverse effect of the change to the following

1: Overtime rate for Sundays

2: Overtime rate for Public holidays

3: Overtime rate for time x 2

4: Overtime rate for time x 1.5

5: Overtime rate from 1.5 to 1.25

6: First hour of overtime in week given free x 52

7: Overtime by 2 rostered lost due to change

8: Pay cut of 7.5% x 1.5 times the loss

9: All losses noted in LCR 20313 not noted above x 1.5 times the actual loss.

These adjustments should be forwarded to the employer central payroll to be applied on a case by case basis so as to accurately establish the actual loss to each member.

Under no circumstances should any of our members accept an offer to settle their claim unless this precedent is applied in their case. Any offer of a settlement calculated in hours which does not apply this logic should be refused and the above quoted in your reply.

We have made the HSE aware of our position regarding this issue at a meeting with senior management on the 20 th of July 2016 in the Dublin North Leinster Division.

We have also informed the HSE national ambulance service of our position regarding this matte

Any case which is contested will be represented by your union to the appropriate third party or decision maker.

Ref PSA 2010-2014 Ref LCR 20313 Ref LCR20273 Ref 20943

Ref Dundrum agreement HSE PNA SIPTU

All of the cases referenced above are available on the PNA NASRA website.



Mr Tony Gregg

National Secretary

DOWNLOAD -  Template Letter to Ms Oman Power re Compensation Claim 22.07.16


Labour Court Recommendation 20943 – Central Mental Hospital

Labour Recommendation on intro of HCAs LCR 20273

LCR20313 LCR