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NASRA National Secretary, Tony Gregg highlights cutbacks in the ambulance service in Kerry on Kerry Local Radio. Click on link to listen.

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NASRA National Meeting 18th May 2013

PARAMEDICS WILL MAINTAIN OPPOSITON TO CROKE PARK IIThe National Ambulance Service Representative Association (NASRA) said today (Friday ) that paramedics remain committed in their total opposition to the savage cuts in pay and conditions contained in the Croke Park II proposals.

At the ADC of the Psychiatric Nurses Association in Galway, NASRA National Chairman Mick Dixon said paramedics has adopted a consistent opposition to the Croke Park II from the outset and it welcomed the rejection of the proposals by public sector unions earlier this week.

‘NASRA has made it clear from the outset that paramedics who have already accepted a reduction in pay of up to 30% together with punishing roster changes and extended hours, will not tolerate the further cuts in their pay as envisaged under the Croke Park 11

The National Ambulance Service Representative Association (NASRA) is holding a series of meetings in Donegal, Cork, Westmeath and Cavan in the last week of March as part of its ongoing campaign of opposition to the Croke Park II proposals.

NASRA has voiced strong opposition to the Croke Park II proposals and last week NASRA members embarked on a series of protest actions against the pay cut plans. This involve

- Withdraw the goodwill use of private mobiles while on duty.

- Only use Ambulance Control Sat Navigation system.

- Refuse non rostered duty at public events.

- Refuse to use personal laptops to facilitate training and up skilling.

Paramedics fighting for paramedics

Following a meeting of its Officer Board in Athlone today (Monday, 4 th March) the National Ambulance Service Representative Association,(NASRA) said it is reluctantly embarking on a series of actions in response to the proposals to cut the pay and allowances of front line paramedics under the proposed Croke Park extension agreement.

NASRA National Chairman, Michael Dixon said paramedics now feel they have been backed into a corner in the whole Croke Park II process.


The National Ambulance Service Representative Association,( NASRA ) said today (Sunday 3 rd March)  that it is now clear  that the proposed new  Croke Park extension proposals are the result of a totally flawed process that completely ignores the huge sacrifices that paramedics across the country have made under the original Croke Park agreement

NASRA National Chairman, Michael Dixon said the existing Croke Park Agreement (2010-2014) had delivered savings, cost effectiveness and efficiencies across the public sector and particularly in the health sector where saving of €3.5 billion had been achieved.

‘However, despite the huge savings achieved under Croke Park there has been no recognition given to HSE employees and in particular the paramedics and Advanced Paramedics, for the sacrifices they have made to date to deliver these savings.'