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Relation to both these meetings the following issues were outlined going forward.

Green Hours:

This issue is a contractual issue; however a clear and transparent record must be enforced in order that the “payments of wages act 1991” is not breached. All out of roster hours is regarded as overtime and is to be paid at the appropriate rate.


Shift, premium and cardiac allowances have been part of the EMT, Paramedic and Advanced Paramedics wage for the past 20 years and it is NASRA's intention to continue to fight for their inclusion into core-pay.

Industrial Relation Issues and Recognition:

Again NASRA has proven its worth with various third parties of the industrial relations mechanism. In the past month both the Rights Commissioner and the Employment Tribunal have recognized NASRA as a bone fide trade union with representation for its members. While the NAS continue to bury their head in the sand in relation to dialogue and recognition at a far greater cost to them for not engaging in debate. However as has been recently proven not so the case with the Rights Commissioner, Labour Relations Commission, Labour Court and the Equality Tribunal.


The issue of on-call in both Cork and Donegal is again at the fore front of both these counties. On-call was to be eradicated as far back as December 2004 as both the HAS and HIQA have both cited on-call as an extremely “dangerous practice” of providing emergency frontline service. A plan of action in relation to on=call is in progress. Update to follow.


Under the Public sector Agreement 2010-2014 new rosters are an integral part of this agreement. However, in order for management to facilitate change it is cited that “all staff shall be informed and consulted” in order to facilitate any such change. It is important that all staff engage with management at local level.

Croke Park II:

NASRA have been very clear that we will resist any further changes to our employment pay and conditions in Croke Park II. With the re-emergence of the 24/7 Frontline Alliance the only voice and vote that will count is that of the independent union NASRA as all other unions vote will be swallowed up by various public sector support staff ie: housekeepers, porters, cleaning staff, gardeners etc. NASRA supports the GRA and through the 24/7 Alliance will ensure that our member's voices are heard.

Delegates Conference 2013:

NASRA's delegate conference takes place this year at the Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit in Galway on 18 th and 19 th April. It is vital that a minimum of 4 delegates are proposed from the 3 divisions of the NAS. This is your opportunity to elect to the Officer Board a delegate from your own division who can disseminate all relevant material and information in all 3 divisions of the NAS in relation to our employment.

Colleagues we have all suffered through the silence of the so-called recognized trade unions austerity measures that have severely affected our livlihoods and our families. Sitting on the fence or remaining silent is not an option, remaining in a union that remains silent and refuses to engage with its own members is not a choice. This is no longer acceptable. NASRA is the only independent association that represents only the employee of the NAS. NASRA not only listens but more importantly addresses and acts on behalf of its members.

With the re-emergence of the 24/7 Alliance we as employees of the frontline emergency services must band together and unite to protect our pay and conditions of employment.