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FAQ's about NASRA

1 ; How valid is nasra as a trade union?

Nasra is a fully bone fide trade union registered with the association of friendly societies and as such is a valid trade union, we are recognised as a trade union by the employer because of our bone fide registration. The issue of recognition is not a legitimate argument but instead school yard semantics. People have confused recognition of Nasra by the HSE with the HSE's refusal to talk to Nasra.

2; what representations have Nasra made on behalf of their members & what were the outcomes relating to these issues?

Nasra have represented their member's at local line management, senior management, HR Department, superannuation Department , Health and safety authority, PHECC and the Department of health. We have several cases pending with the LRC ,and are currently involved with all of the above agencies including HR and HSA and all of our Nasra representation regarding issues with member's are either on going or have been successful for obvious reasons with regard to personal issues details of particular cause cannot be disclosed in relation to pending issues, exposure may compromise these cases with the relevant bodies.

3 ; Lately nasra is sending a lot of emails to its members with regards to great deals & special offers to anyone who is a member , nasra is leaving its members wondering if nasra is representing them at all?

Nasra have at great expense developed a website which is regularly updated in order to keep members informed in relation to issues which have been raised. please ensure Head office has your current email address as many people did not provide one on their application forms. The secretary tony Gregg tells me that he has not refused to take any phone call or answer any questions about nasra activities or regarding issues raised by members. The website is now currently been updated and any work which has been done so far that can be published and will not compromise any current issues will be published.

4 ; Members of nasra would prefer to see a lot more with regards to minutes from meetings & regular updates on issues nasra is currently dealing with on behalf of their members if possible on a monthly basis?

It would be imprudent to publish all agendas and minutes from meetings and could compromise the outcome of certain issues.

5; The lack of shop Stewart's representing nasra in some regions is also an issue, members are of the opinion that tony Gregg seems to be dealing with everything on his own?

We have an officer board established and with a small number of members in the North east and other regions, its seen that representation will be low, but as numbers grow representation will grow. Tony Gregg is to represent all members of North east and any region from here on until members in the North east and other regions decide on who should represent them from within their ranks.

6; The ambulance service run by the hse ,is it recognised as an emergency service or an essential service?

Nasra's website has a letters stating our recognition since 2006 from the now minister for health Dr. James Reilly

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