NASRA Information
Useful information for current and potential members...

Dear NAS Student,


Congratulations on choosing the exciting career in Pre-Hospital care. You have embarked on a journey that will be both exciting and rewarding. However you may encounter many difficulties and problems on this journey and that is when you may need the extensive services and expertise that membership of NASRA provides. The National Ambulance Service Representative Association endeavours to provide a highly professional and comprehensive Industrial Relations package as well as a myriad of other benefits to its members.

Workplace Representation

Many Paramedic students and interns get through their working week without experiencing any major workplace difficulties. But inevitably problems can and do occur. It can be something simple like clarifying your entitlement to an allowance or your right to special leave. It may be something much more serious, such as threat of dismissal or referral to the fitness to practice committee of the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council. Unfortunately it maybe that you are subject to some form of harassment or bullying. It could be a personal problem on which you need some advice.

Whatever the problem your local NASRA representative can give you solid advice and make representations in a tactful manner on your behalf if that is your wish. If it is a serious issue the local representative will seek advice and guidance from our national representatives. All our local and regional representatives are qualified working Paramedics, Advanced Paramedics and Emergency Medical Controllers. Indeed our National Full-time Representatives also started out like you are now, Students. We firmly believe the best people to represent Ambulance personnel are Ambulance personnel!

Thankfully most issues are resolved at local level. But on occasions it may be necessary to take your case to a divisional or even a national level. NASRA is establishing a proud history of representing its members both individually and collectively at all levels of the Labour Relations Process and in exceptional circumstances in the highest legal courts in the land.

Why Should I Join NASRA?

  • As the Major Independent registered Trade Union for STATUTORY Ambulance personnel working in Pre-Hospital care, we aim to enhance the standing of Paramedics, Advanced Paramedics and Emergency Medical Controllers. A chief aim of ours is protecting the student Paramedic. In this respect we have defended Students at all educational and Practice forums.

  • NASRA represents SIGNIFICANT numbers of Ambulance personnel in the divisions in which you will work!

  • Union Leadership including full time officials are all qualified Pre-Hospital practitioners.

  • It is a member led and member driven union.

  • Ideally placed to guide on issues of professional practice and development.

  • Legal advice and full legal service available.

  • We are building a proven track record in industrial relations.

  • Whether it’s Pre –Hospital education, Health Legislation, Pay or Conditions, NASRA lobbies and campaigns tirelessly for you – The Future of The National Ambulance Service.

NASRA– Quiet simply is the voice of Statutory Ambulance personnel.

Structure of NASRA.

  • Every member, including student Paramedics, belongs to a Branch / division in which they work.

  • The Members of a Branch / division elect Branch Officers and a Branch Committee at their bi-annual general meeting, to manage the union locally

  • Each Branch / division has 2 Representatives on the National Executive.

  • All policy is decided by the National Executive between our Annual Delegate conferences.

  • The union is managed nationally by the Officer Board, which has representatives from every National Ambulance Service division, who are elected at Annual Delegate Conference.

  • Our Full-time professional staff based at Head-Office services the members.


  • NASRA has fiercely maintained its independent status and is consulted as an authoritative body on all matters germane to Pre-Hospital care.

  • NASRA will negotiate with Dept. of Health, Dept of Environment, H.S.E, PHECC and the Health and Safety Authority etc. on your behalf.

  • The Union represents its members in both local and national media.

Additional Benefits.

As a member of NASRA you are entitled to avail of a range of fringe benefits.

Salary Protection Scheme - Life Assurance Scheme - AVC Scheme – Car/House Insurance Discounts –Strike Fund – Holiday/Travel Discount – Benevolent Schemes – Gaeltacht Scholarship awards – Legal Representation at fitness to Practice Inquiry – Entitled to Attend Seminars/Conferences on Professional and Industrial Relations issues – Industrial Relations training programmes run by the Union.

So you’re a student Paramedic then……

All aspects of your training are governed by PHECC, The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council. ( This body controls the Registration, Training and Fitness to Practice of all Pre-Hospital Practitioners in the Republic Of Ireland.

However due to the nature of student Paramedic training your working life is also governed by National Ambulance Service College in which you’re learning, either Dublin or Ballinasloe. These centres’ have systems in place to safeguard student welfare and information and access to critical incident stress management services. Although you may feel that you may not need these services at present it pays to familiarise yourself with these services. In the future you or a classmate may need assistance.

In conclusion, you have embarked on a rewarding and challenging career that will test your physical and emotional strengths. Your colleagues in the National Ambulance Service are there to assist and support you as to are NASRA, should you need us.