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The aspirations of the National Ambulance Service Representative Association
are based on the idea of industrial and social justice. It is our intention to achieve conditions denied to our members which have been historically enjoyed by our colleagues operating in the same arena for many years. It is our policy to pursue the following goals:

  • The removal of the NAS from the remit of the HSE and making it a stand alone organisation.

  • A state driving licence for NAS personnel.

  • A retirement age of 55 years or after 30 years service.

  • A more attractive early retirement scheme for Ambulance personnel.

  • Promote the advancement and spreading of knowledge for the betterment of members in education and training within our profession.

  • Recognition of the increased skills and extended abilities of the Paramedic by way of regrading.

  • Long service recognition both in pay and annual leave for staff with significant service.

  • Adequate compensation scheme for Ambulance personnel injured whilst on duty.

  • A medical scheme or reduction in medical costs for all National Ambulance service personnel.

  • Alternative employment at a protected rate of pay within the Health Service executive for staff unable to continue their duties in the Ambulance Service due to ill health.

  • The right of all staff to a voluntary medical examination every two years (only) if desired.

  • Improved payment for/or the abolition of the family debilitating on call system.

  • Independent stress counselling.

  • Staff involvement in any job evaluation process.

  • Staff involvement in future ambulance vehicle designs.

  • To promote and improve the health, safety and welfare of members in the workplace.

  • To promote and establish a member-led association and to carry out and fulfil decisions made by members in a spirit of unity and accountability.

  • To foster fair relations between the Associations members and our employer, to secure the settlement of disputes arising from members employment, and to participate in joint negotiating machinery.

  • To seek to protect the rights of all members of the Association and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect.

  • To seek to ensure equality of treatment and fair representation for all Association members irrespective of gender, race or grade.

We are also aware of the expectations of the public we serve and their right to a competent and equitable service which meets their needs. In order to achieve this we see the forming of NASRA as the correct forum to launch and achieve these goals.