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Recently the NAS advertised for staff from the NAS who had an interest in the selection process to be placed on the panel for the new Air Ambulance service.

A number of NASRA members feel aggrieved at the process that has taken place re: selection process and the non-adherence to equal opportunity.

Due to these anomalies we are asking all members who feel aggrieved by this latest sham of a process and who are willing to be part of a grievance against the NAS to contact NASRA head office.

National Chairman
Michael Dixon.

31st August 2011

To all Nasra Members,

NASRA representatives will meet with staff of the Health & Safety Authority within the next 14 days re our concerns re Sole Responders. (Tony Gregg has been offered a number of dates and will finalise same over the next few days).


Following a ballot of members some weeks ago, The NASRA membership have accepted the PSA 2010 - 2014 (Croke Park Deal) by a majority of 86%. This decision now paves the way for engagement with management within the NAS who previously qouted NASRA's exclusion from the Croke Park Deal as the only reason why they should not and would not engage with us.


Our Strategic Alliance General Secretary Des Kavanagh has after several months of negotiations, secured in writing an assurance from the HSE that all non-core pay is protected under the Croke Park deal. In light of Minister Harney's comments some months back when she stated that non-core pay is up for grabs, this comes as welcome news for all frontline professionals.