Transfer Policy and Update.
A National Transfer Policy has been drawn up and is available on This is the draft policy which will require agreement from the membership in order for it to progress. A draft copy has also been sent to NAS and to date there has been no reply.

Letter to Robert Morton and Update.
Copy of correspondence to National Director of NAS, Mr. Robert Morton is available on our website. To date we have written to Mr. Morton on several occasions and to date he continues to ignore us and not reply.

Newsletter and Update.
I am delighted to announce the launch of our first newsletter “The Frontline” which will be published and posted this month January 2012 and will continue thereafter. Each member will receive a copy as will all ambulance bases around the country.

At the end of year audit we are consistently receiving new members which has cemented our position as the second largest trade union for NAS personnel. Further to this in line with PNA policy for new members all students will receive free membership for their first year and half price for their second year followed by full membership thereafter for all qualified and phecc registered staff.

Labour Court, LRC and Recognition.
At present NASRA have two cases in the Labour Court and three cases in the Labour Relations Commission. The issue of recognition is an on-going process; however we hope to have the “recognition” issue resolved early this year. The PNA National Chairman, Mr. Des Kavanagh will be informing us of progress to date within the next month and assure those that are dithering about joining NASRA that their fears are unfounded.

NASRA Annual Delegates Conference. The NASRA annual delegate's conference will take place on Friday 11 th May 2012 in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone. More details to follow via our website and also to all members.