27 th September 2011

Dear Mr. Morton,

I am writing to you somewhat perplexed by letters been passed on by your good self and SIPTU regarding the Intermediate Care Service where upon you are canvassing  for staff to be re-deployed to the ICS. My concerns to this arise from the fact that the National Ambulance Service Representative Association have at present 40% of the total number of National Ambulance Service employees i.e.: EMC, LEMT, Advanced Paramedic and Paramedic registered members to our association, yet we are to be continuously ignored by our own employer.

Further to this if you are serious about the issue of re-deployment then by not engaging with our members you are missing out on the opportunity of canvassing 40% of NAS employees. I feel at this juncture that it would be in your interest and indeed our member's interest for us to engage in dialogue in order to continuously develop the ambulance service in order for it to fulfil its full potential.

The National Ambulance Service Representative Association was set up by members of the NAS to promote the safety and welfare of members of the NAS. We are not interested in any other body within the HSE except those we represent and after less than one year our membership has grown to 40% of the NAS. Contrary to certain peoples miss-guided views of NASRA, we are an association for the representation of one group of employees however, as we are a highly skilled section of a dynamic service within the public sector we are continuously promoting the on-going training and continued professional development of our members and will continue to do so. We have recently held meetings with PHECC and the HSA at which both statuary bodies recognise our association and yet our own management continue to ignore us.

Due to the on-going stone-walling of our members and our association I have come to the opinion that this constitutes discrimination within the workplace for an Employer not to recognise a union association within that body with a membership of 40% and rising. With all this in mind I am seeking an urgent meeting with your good self.

Mr. Morton NASRA are not in opposition to the NAS in fact quite the opposite and I believe this will be quite evident from an informal or formal meeting with yourself which can only be beneficial to the NAS.

Yours truly,



Michael Dixon

National Chairman